Phffft with three "f 's" not two...

Welcome to My web site used to be called Phfft dot com (with two f's), but I fooled around and neglected to renew the registration and someone else took it. So I decided to go 'em one f-ing better.

My columns, essays, and "Just-So What?" stories are listed in the menu on the left. Poke around. You may learn the truth about Splenda. You may learn the lie about In-A-Gada-Da-Vida. Or you may learn nothing, and wouldn't that be something?

Drop me a note if you're inclined. The email address is thinly disguised to trick the stupider bots (or maybe I'm just fooling myself, I'm easy).

tedthompson at windstream dot net

Take care. Have fun. And never forget to live well, love much, and laugh often.

Ted A. Thompson